RelationSpace Online FAQ


What is RelationSpace Online?

RelationSpace Online is a new, interactive program for high conflict separating parents and provides an access anywhere/anytime online learning experience aimed at reducing the conflict of separation.

RelationSpace Online distills the best parts of the RelationSpace clinical practice that has helped  thousands of families in similar situations. The program includes video coaching, dramatisations, sound bites, text, quizzes, infographics and printable PDF’s.  You will cover topics that are relevant and specific to interactions with a high-conflict ex-partner, how to tell the children about your separation and how to make communication less intense, to name a few.

I'm not the one who needs to get help!

One parent can make a difference. Children who are exposed to protracted and ongoing conflict and lengthy family court proceedings are at much greater risk of developing lifelong psychological and relationship problems. This has far reaching consequences for future use of mental health services.

Early intervention to address conflict and resolve family disputes in divorce is essential in improving mental health outcomes for adults and children.   The program provides a birds’ eye view of what happens behind therapy’s closed doors and the learner feels very much a part of the experience as they follow a family through the first few months of a high-conflict separation.

You will receive a detailed transcript and certificate to show that you have completed and engaged in the program learning. This may be useful in some circumstances.


Do I need a referral to come to RelationSpace or to enrol in RelationSpace Online?

The Courts, your family lawyer or legal practitioner, physician or other professional may suggest you look into getting some help from the services offered at RelationSpace. They may suggest you enrol in RelationSpace Online to find some immediate, targeted support, or to book an appointment.

“The Relationspace Online program will enable clients to more constructively engage with a family law professional. This should provide better outcomes, more expeditiously not only for the party engaging but also, and most importantly, for the child or children of that relationship”.  

                                                                                                - Accredited specialist – Family Law

You do not need any referral for appointments or to enrol in RelationSpace Online.

Program enrolment to RelationSpace Online is immediate, offers content and material that is usually provided in the first 4 to 6 sessions with a clinical psychologist or therapist and offers a comprehensive program transcript and certificate on completion.  You may use this certificate and transcript to show that you have completed and engaged in the program learning.  


How long is RelationSpace Online?

Most users take around 8 hours to complete the material presented in the program. However, you can spend as much time as you like reviewing lessons and material, downloading resources and practising the skills. Unlike a face to face session, with RelationSpace Online you can go back and review the videos and the lessons as often as you wish over your 12 week personal access period. 


What do other users say?

“I found the content excellent, really useful.  I really love the idea of doing this kind of education in the privacy of your own home so you can devote time and attention, as opposed to a class environment”.       Katie (Interim hearing)

“What a great program - definitely something I have been looking for” Ruth (recently separated)

“Content was BRILLIANT! I’m so grateful to be included in the testing and have been given the opportunity to listen to Catherine and the actors who were just awesome”  Paul (Final Orders)

“I think it is a really excellent resource – mediation clients will really benefit from it as it covers so many of the questions that come up during mediation”  Lindy (FDRP)