“RelationSpace Online is a unique opportunity for parents to access online support during a relationship breakdown. It has the potential to make a really positive contribution to the psychological well-being of parents and thus is beneficial for the children of these relationships.

The Honourable Diana Bryant AO, QC, Former Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia

All parents going through relationship breakdown need as much help as they can get to protect their own wellbeing and to help their children through a difficult time. RelationSpace Online helps parents focus on their children’s wellbeing and build healthy co-parenting arrangements, which can help steer away from the cost and delay of court proceedings.

The Honourable Stephen Thackray, former Chief Judge of the Family Court of Western Australia


The Support You Need, When You Need it.

RelationSpace Online is an interactive online program for separating parents, enabling them to improve their communication, focus on their children and avoid lengthy litigation. Enrolment is secure, private and easy. You can access our interactive program immediately from any device at any time to commence your guided, personal change journey.


child focused approach

Child Focused

RelationSpace Online provides parents with the tools to focus on their parenting and help their children adapt and cope with  separation and divorce. 

evidence-based CBT


RelationSpace Online is an evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) e-learning program designed & delivered by specialist practitioners.

conflict reducing approach

Conflict Reducing

RelationSpace Online helps parents manage their emotions, develop flexible thinking habits and learn cooperative behaviours to help them manage high conflict co-parenting interactions.


An Australian First

  • Specialised, psychological resource for high-conflict separating parents.
  • Complete in your own time - somewhere you feel safe and comfortable.
  • Access immediate support from an evidence-based model that has helped  thousands of people in similar situations.
RelationSpace Interactive Program for Separating Parents

Content Based on Best Clinical Practice

  • Clear, concise material for an Australian audience.
  • Curated, specific and relevant content.
  • Engaging and interesting learning activities. 
  • Video rich teaching and learning offering a personalised experience.

Behind The Scenes

  • Dr. Boland gives you a bird’s eye view of  therapy with separating parents.
  • Shows the best (and worst) ways of tell children about your separation.
  • Models the best way forward for cooperative post-separation parenting.
  • Teaches you how to respond to a high conflict ex-partner and to manage intense emotions.
Dr. Boland during therapy with separating parents
Report of progress and engagement

Interactive Learning

  • Offers thought provoking and challenging learning experiences.
  • Simple, relevant and constructive learning activities.
  • Ability to record, save and re-visit your work.
  • In-built option to select a detailed report of progress and engagement.

Learning Resources

  • Downloadable activities to extend your learning and practice new skills.
  • Bookmark or tag lessons & videos to come back and review later.
  • Tips and summaries to keep you on track.
Learning resources available for clients
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Dr. Catherine Boland

Author & Presenter

Dr. Catherine Boland is a clinical psychologist with expertise in working with children, young people and parents who are experiencing relationship issues, family conflict and separation. 

Trusted by over 200 family law firms


RelationSpace receives referrals from over 200 family law firms around Australia and over 150 medical practitioners.

Provides separation counselling


RelationSpace provides therapeutic interventions for parents and children in situations of family breakdown and conflicted divorce proceedings and in 2017, we helped over 3500 individuals and families.

Family violence counselling services


Evidence-based therapautic services which aim to reduce conflict, improve communication and enhance relationships in circumstances of intractable or prolonged litigation.


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